Redirecting Standard In With PowerShell

Command Line Interface (CLI) tools can be very useful for interacting with certain applications. However, some CLIs do not let a user pass in parameters which makes it difficult to automate. Instead, they lock a user into an interactive session and force the user to enter commands. Fortunately, some programming languages allow for a redirection… Continue reading Redirecting Standard In With PowerShell

Dijkstra’s Algorithm in PowerShell and SQL Server Graph

In my previous post I shared a SQL Server 2017 graph database of US capitals. Graphs are a computer science core competency and present some interesting challenges for programmers. Most notable of these challenges is finding the shortest path between nodes. Dijkstra's algorithm is a commonly taught algorithm for finding shortest path. Dijkstra's is often… Continue reading Dijkstra’s Algorithm in PowerShell and SQL Server Graph

SQL Server Graph Database of US Capitals

SQL Server 2017 introduced graph database functionality. Graphs are a core concept in computer science and I was excited to hear of this new feature. Robert Sheldon has a great series on SQL Server's graph database here. If you're interested in learning about graphs in SQL Server, it's a great place to start. While there's… Continue reading SQL Server Graph Database of US Capitals

SUSER_SNAME() Returning the Wrong Login

If users are logging into your SQL Server with their Active Directory accounts, you may run into an issue if their login changes. This issue is usually associated with someone changing their account name to reflect a change in their legal name. If the user executes the function SUSER_SNAME(), it may return their old login.… Continue reading SUSER_SNAME() Returning the Wrong Login

Finding VMotions with Powershell and the VCenter CLI

If you work in a VMWare shop you're probably aware that VMs can be migrated to a new host under certain conditions. While the purpose of these migrations is good, I've found that virtual SQL Servers usually do not like to be VMotioned. At my current employer, this is often noticed in AlwaysOn Availbility Groups.… Continue reading Finding VMotions with Powershell and the VCenter CLI