Generate User Email List For SQL Server Logins

If you've ever performed some impactful maintenance on a SQL Server, you probably notified users. If you're great at documentation and already know exactly who to contact, this script isn't for you. If you don't have a user email list, this script will create it for you! I used to manage 500 SQL Server instances… Continue reading Generate User Email List For SQL Server Logins

Redirecting Standard In With PowerShell

Command Line Interface (CLI) tools can be very useful for interacting with certain applications. However, some CLIs do not let a user pass in parameters which makes it difficult to automate. Instead, they lock a user into an interactive session and force the user to enter commands. Fortunately, some programming languages allow for a redirection… Continue reading Redirecting Standard In With PowerShell

Dijkstra’s Algorithm in PowerShell and SQL Server Graph

In my previous post I shared a SQL Server 2017 graph database of US capitals. Graphs are a computer science core competency and present some interesting challenges for programmers. Most notable of these challenges is finding the shortest path between nodes. Dijkstra's algorithm is a commonly taught algorithm for finding shortest path. Dijkstra's is often… Continue reading Dijkstra’s Algorithm in PowerShell and SQL Server Graph

Generating A Simple Markdown Readme From Powershell Comments

Some of the powershell functions and modules I write don't warrant elaborate commenting. I've started using a standard commenting template and rather than re-do that commenting in markdown, I eventually wrote a simple script to generate markdown out of powershell comments. I work in an environment that uses a central git repository so simple generation… Continue reading Generating A Simple Markdown Readme From Powershell Comments