SQL Server Graph Database of US Capitals

SQL Server 2017 introduced graph database functionality. Graphs are a core concept in computer science and I was excited to hear of this new feature.

Robert Sheldon has a great series on SQL Server’s graph database here. If you’re interested in learning about graphs in SQL Server, it’s a great place to start.

While there’s countless relational databases out there for practice, there’s not much in the way of graph databases. It is my intent to share my graph databases with the world in hopes that it removes the friction associated with your learning.

US Capitals is a popular data set for working with graphs. Nodes identify a state capital. An edge connects a capital in one state with the capital of a neighboring state. Only the lower 48 states are present. While the data is readily available, I was unable to find TSQL scripts to create the graph using SQL Server 2017 graph database. I created those scripts and have made them readily available on GitHub.

Create a SQL Server database and execute these scripts in order:





There are two sets of INSERT statements in order to create a bi-directional graph. Without both edges, the graph could only be traversed in one direction.

Once you have a usable graph database, you can begin programming against it. In my next post, I’ll go over my PowerShell implementation of Dijkstra’s algorithm, which is a classic shortest path algorithm.


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